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An original Hotham Valley Railway cottage centrally located.


Boddington Retreat is the ideal home to book for a weekend or just one night. It is self contained and is centrally located in the middle of Boddington.  The Hotham Valley Railway was being constructed in 1912 to meet demand created by the local timber industry, a townsite was chosen adjacent to the town. The house is one of the orginal cottages that were built when Boddington was established in 1912. It has been fully renovated in the last ten years to keep you cool. There is a 50 metre swimming pool 5 minutes away.
It has a large backyard that is ideal for pets and children and it is fully enclosed. The house is ideal for summer as it is located two streets from Hotham River and the local swimming pool and has two air conditioners.
Boddington Retreat has two bedroom and is located in the centre of the town and you can easily walk to the local IGA, NAB, pub and the local coffee shop. The house books quickly so don’t miss out!!

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